serve the festival

Dear Kirtan lovers,

We would like to thank all the many devotees that contributed to Kirtan Rasa 2023. we hope you liked the 4K Live Stream. Our vision and desire for 2024 is to continue upgrading our festival to always one-up the previous year.

As always we depend on the generosity of all of you supporting our festival to make this happen. Even a Dirham makes a difference… So please contribute for a unique and memorable festival in 2024.

All extra donations after all costs are covered will go towards KR '24, Thank you so much in advance.

Your servants,

Kirtan Rasa Team


»LAKSHMI DHAaN SEVA - support the festival with contribution

»ACCOMMODATION HOSTING SEVA - host devotees in your house

»setup & DECOR SEVA - venue decor & clean-up services

»TRANSPORTATION SEVA - Drive devotees to & fro the venue

»Crowd control SEVA - manage the massive crowd at the venue