What is kirtan?

Kirtan is a uniquely amazing experience like no other. It combines sacred hymns, or spiritual texts with vibrant, joyous music that lifts the soul and energizes the body. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

One leader sings the mantra, accompanied by a few instruments. After each chanted mantra, the group, large or small, responds by repeating the same mantra. This call and response continues as the kirtan slowly unfolds and its pace picks up.

Though the kirtan tradition originated in ancient India, it is no less relevant to our modern times. With the increasing demands of the average working life, kirtan is perhaps even more beneficial than ever.

In kirtan, there are no rules – you can sit or stand, or better yet, dance! You can clap or play instruments, and sing to your heart’s content. The only thing necessary is an open heart, open mind, and open ears.